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3 Easy Fall Crafts for Toddlers

As the weather starts to cool down and playtime moves inside, it’s the perfect time of year to try new art projects with your kids. The bright colors of fall are just the inspiration you need to get in touch with your crafty side. Try out one of these fall crafts for toddlers – they’re quick, fun and easy for little hands and big imaginations!

Fall Handprint Tree Craft

This craft can get a bit messy, but kids love how (literally) hands on it is. Plus, you’ll get an adorable memento to frame or send to grandparents.

Cover the table with newspaper, and have your child wear a smock to avoid getting paint everywhere. Paint her hand and upper arm with brown tempera paint (watch out for the giggles – it does tickle!). Have her spread her fingers wide, then press her hand and arm firmly on a piece of white construction paper to make the trunk and branches of a tree. Then using a paintbrush or cotton balls, decorate the tree with fall leaves in red, yellow and orange paint.

Fall Leaf Suncatchers

Stained-glass window crafts are beautiful but often too complicated for very little kids. This one is just as colorful but much more simplified, making it one of the best fall crafts for toddlers.

Go on an autumn leaf scavenger hunt with your child. Have him find gorgeous leaves in a variety of shapes and colors. Back at the house, cut out the circular center of a thin white paper plate. Cover the hole with a circle of clear contact paper so that it overlaps the edge of the plate by about 1/2 inch.

Let him pick his favorite leaves and arrange them on the sticky side of the contact paper, then layer another circle of contact paper on top to keep the leaves in place. He can then decorate the frame with crayons, and you can hang the artwork on or near a window so that sunlight shines through.

Paper Bag Scarecrow

This sweet scarecrow is a snap to make out of items you probably already have around the house, so it’s an excellent rainy day or last-minute craft idea.

Take a lunch-size paper bag, and stuff it with crumpled newspaper, magazine pages or old papers so it looks plump. Fold the top of the bag over and tape or staple it shut. Make the scarecrow’s hair by cutting strips of yellow, red or orange construction paper and gluing them to the top of the bag (or using a ball of colorful yarn). Cut out paper eyes, a nose and a mouth, or have your child draw a face on the bag. Add a coffee filter to the top of the scarecrow’s hair as a hat, and add whatever creative details you like.


Photo Courtesy of Artful Parent.

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