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4 July 4th Kid-Friendly Activities

Throwing an Independence Day bash this year? Keep guests of all ages happy with these kid-friendly activities – fun red, white and blue crafts and games that are a snap to organize.

Balloon Fireworks

Colorful, festive fireworks are an essential part of any Fourth of July celebration, and even your youngest guests can participate with this simple variation. Get the kids to help set up – and then have a blast with the finished fireworks! All you need is colorful balloons, sparkly confetti, a funnel and a few sharpened pencils. Pull each balloon over a funnel, and pour in confetti until it’s a quarter full. Inflate balloons manually or with a hand pump. When all the balloons are inflated, give the kids pencils to pop them. They’ll love the resulting noise and confetti shower.

Red, White & Blue Tag

Keep kids active and entertained with this Fourth of July spin on a classic game. Buy equal numbers of small red, white and blue tokens, or make them by cutting out small pieces of colored cardboard. Mix up all the tokens, and give each child one. The kids then run around trying to tag each other; whoever tags someone else gets to collect the other person’s token. The first person to collect one red, one white and one blue token wins, and the game can begin again.

Guessing Game

This guessing game is one of those kid-friendly activities grown ups will also want to join. Fill a large jar with red, white and blue candies (such as M&Ms or jelly beans), counting them in advance and writing down the number on a card and sealing it in an envelope. Have all players guess how many candies are in the jar, writing down their answers on pieces of paper (along with their name). Whoever gets closest to the actual number gets to take the jar home.

Patriotic Streamer Wands

You can make these spirited Independence Day wands in just a few minutes (no tools needed!), and they’ll provide hours of entertainment for kids. You’ll need wooden dowels, screw eyes and ribbons and streamers for decoration. Simply hand-twist a screw eye into one end of a dowel,notext then tie as many ribbons as you like to the hook.

Happy Fourth of July!

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