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4 Things Video Baby Monitors Let You Do

Video baby monitors allow you to worry less and do more. They let you check in on your baby whenever you want, without constantly running into the nursery or interrupting what you’re doing. Here are just a few things a video baby monitor will allow you to do, worry-free!

Work on a task for more than a few minutes.

Putting your little one to bed isn’t always a fast and straightforward process. You’re often back and forth between the nursery and other rooms in the house, soothing a fussy baby or making sure everything is all right. This makes it challenging to focus on any project – whether it’s cooking dinner or working in your home office.  A video monitor reduces these interruptions. You can use the two-way talk feature to comfort a baby who’s not quite ready to settle down, and you can do occasional check-ins on the monitor once he’s fallen asleep.

Do safety checks without waking the baby.

It’s normal to worry about your child’s safety and feel compelled to look in periodically during naptime. A video baby monitor eases your mind without the risk of waking a light sleeper. You can make sure your baby is sleeping comfortably from the monitor, even tracking the nursery temperature or moving the camera to scan the room completely.

Smooth out sleep schedules.

Some babies are easy sleepers, making it through the night early on without much fuss. Others have more trouble settling down, waking frequently. Whichever approach you use to help your baby learn to fall asleep and stay asleep all night, a video monitor is a huge help. It lets you see if your child is awake or sleeping, and in need or your attention or not.

Catch some Z’s yourself.

A video baby monitor with a wide transmission range and a clear signal allows you to be in a different part of the house with peace of mind. This means you can head to bed or catch a nap on the couch knowing that the monitor will alert you when your baby cries.

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