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9 Super Unique Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Congratulations on the new addition to your family! This is an exhilarating time, and one of the most exciting parts of it is getting to share the good news with your nearest and dearest.

There are countless ways you can tell your partner, your family and your friends you are pregnant, but here are a few unique pregnancy announcement ideas to make the moment extra memorable.

To Tell Your Partner

  • Put a single grain of rice in a small box, and hand it to your partner. Say, “Our baby is even smaller than this right now” and wait for the news to sink in.
  • Buy a tiny jersey or onesie for your favorite sports team, and hide it in a strategic place to be discovered at the right moment.
  • Take the pregnancy test – at home or at the doctor’s office – when you are both present, so you can find out the results at the exact same moment.

To Tell Your Close Family

  • Buy each family member a T-shirt, hat, mug, etc. that features a special message, such as, World’s Best Grandpa” or “Awesome Auntie.”
  • Put together a box of your favorite childhood picture books, and give it to your parents with a note saying, “Please read these to me in [due date month]. Love, Baby [last name].”
  • Make your pregnancy announcement at a special occasion when your family will be together, such as a birthday party, a holiday, Father’s Day or Mother’s Day. Order balloons or a cake with your message on it, and surprise everyone with it.

To Tell Your Friends

Use a fun photo, snail mail announcement or e-card to share your happy news with the people in your circle of friends.

  • Make a piece of chalkboard art with hand-drawn pictures or writing announcing your news, and pose as a couple (or a family) in front of it.
  • Let your baby’s older sibling or future pet do the talking: make a sign with a message like “I’m going to be a big brother!” or “Future baby’s best friend” and take a photo with your child or dog.
  • Make headlines (literally). Create a fake newspaper front page, and make your “Special Delivery” the biggest news story.
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  • February 27, 2015 at 10:36 am
    Christine Wilson

    I love these ideas!