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Blog Roundup: Find Out Why These Bloggers Love Levana

Sarah-Jean, a mother of three and homeschooler who blogs as The Fashionable Housewife, writes that she “doesn’t know how she survived the last seven years of motherhood” without a baby video monitor. Now that she has the Levana, with cameras set up in all three of her kids’ bedrooms, she has the freedom to work from home and get stuff done knowing that her kids are safe. “I can easily switch between [feeds] with one click, to see what they are doing, hear everything that is going on and I can even push the microphone button and talk to them when necessary,” Sarah-Jean writes in a review posted Nov. 12. “This give multi-tasking a whole new meaning!” Read Sarah-Jean’s point-by-point take by clicking here. The Keera, she concludes, is “priced affordably for a very high-quality, full-featured system.”

Ashley in Washington, DC writes that having a Levana Keera video monitor made it easier to let go a little and transition her newborn daughter into sleeping in her own room. In a Nov. 13 posted on Coffee Cake and Cardio, she singles out the system’s night vision capability for particular praise: “The picture is incredibly clear, which is a must when using a video monitor. I can clearly see what Magnolia is doing, which helps me to determine whether she’s just fussing or if she really needs one of us to come get her.”

Janetha of Utah, who “loves gadgets” and blogs at Meals & Moves, writes that after messing around with all the features, she was “really impressed” with the Keera. She applauds the system’s picture quality and battery life as well as the “super user-friendly” touch screen and its locking mechanism, “so you don’t accidentally push things when you don’t intend to.” As someone who works in the customer service industry herself, Janetha makes special note that Levana products come with lifetime live customer support (“this is HUGE”) and a free extended warranty (“which is important to me”). In a broader sense, having the Keera promises to reshape daily life with baby. “As you may know,” Janetha writes, “every spare minute is important to utilize! So instead of holding our little baby while he naps, we can do things like make dinner, do his laundry (it legit never ends!), play with the poor, poor neglected dogs (I kid!), tidy up the house, write blog posts ;), or even just have a little one-on-one time, just [husband] Marshall and me. That’s rare these days.”

In her Nov. 17 review, The Frugal Navy Wife describes the Keera “the Cadillac of baby monitors” and notes how it can help parents keep tabs on older children, not just infants—important in her household where her 4-year-old has a history of sneaking off during nap time, finding her makeup and making a mess.

And Meg, the mother of a preschool-age daughter and infant triplet boys who tried the Keera with two cameras, especially appreciated the different video viewing options. (You can manually select which camera feed to view, set the monitor to automatically rotate from one to the other, or display all camera feeds on the monitor screen simultaneously.) “I love being able to visually view [all four of my children] to determine the level of their distress, so that I’m not interrupting the babies any more than necessary, because believe it or not, my boys actually do sleep through each other’s cries most of the time!” Meg posted on SAHMreviews.com. One drawback Meg found was that she couldn’t take advantage of the Keera’s PEEP mode—Levana’s version of sleep mode—because of her sound machines. (PEEP mode, where the monitor screen goes dark and only wakes itself up if and when there’s activity in the room, needs silence to kick in.) Click here to read Meg’s full review, “Eyes for the Back of My Head.”

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  • December 29, 2014 at 12:34 pm
    Jessica Andrews

    I absolutely love FaVe Mom’s review. Thanks for sharing it. I purchased one for my friend’s for their baby at Christmas time. 🙂