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Blogger Roundup: Find Out Why these Bloggers Love Levana

We invited many moms who blog to put our products through their paces and give us their opinions. And boy, are we feeling the love.

Tara Richter, a contributor to Feisty, Frugal & Fabulous reviewed the Sophia Video Baby Monitor, praising its easy, plug-and-play set up, crystal clear sound and night vision camera “so you can see what’s happening, even in … darkness.” Richter also raved about the interference-free,  500-ft. ClearVu digital signal with 2-way intercom, and the power-saving PEEP mode—which stands for Power-on/off Energy Efficient Picture, Levana’s version of a sleep mode that extends the monitor’s battery life to 48 hours. “Sophia, meaning wisdom, really is a perfect name for this monitor,” Richter wrote in her Sept. 12 post.

‘Toronto Teacher Mom’ blogger Diana noted the advantages of having Talk to Baby™ two-way communication, which she calls “a really neat idea” that she wished she had when she was living in a four-level side split house. “Whenever I was in the basement doing laundry and I heard my baby crying, I would have to rush up three flights of stairs,” Diana wrote. “The two-way intercom sure would have come in handy since you can calm your baby down with the sound of your own voice.”

When Amy of Who Said Nothing in Life is Free? tried out the Sophia, she had this to report: “I was impressed with the quality of the images both in the light and in the dark. It also picked up even the quietest sounds.”

And Shannon, one of two writers behind the blog The Simple Moms, —a married mother of four who describes herself as Type-A, with OCD (so you know she’s a tough customer!)—gushed that she “couldn’t be happier” with her Levana monitor, the “new eye” in her life. The Keera model “rocked her socks off,” she wrote, for the following reasons: ease to use, multi-room viewing, the two-way intercom (“the kids just need to know that they are being watched sometimes”) and the private, secure ClearVu signal. She especially liked the fact that there was no interception. “No creepy person talking to your child, like we have all seen on YouTube or Facebook. Boom!”

Nichole of Mommy by Nurture echoed the point about ease of use: “Within 20 minutes and just skimming the user manual, I was able to figure out pretty much every feature,” she wrote in her recent post. She enjoyed the photo and video capture because it allowed her to snap shots of her son while he’s played alone, “in [his] own element”—no need to rush into the room when he’s doing something cute, ruining the moment. The 2 GB microSD card enables easy uploading to your computer, she noted approvingly, adding, “I learned quickly with the camera that [my son] could reach a few things on his changing table and that cued me to go move things!”

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