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Daddy Diaries: Life after baby

Alright gentlemen, you and your partner are expecting. So what does that mean? Is your life going to change? Yes. Is that a bad thing? No. Becoming a father is equally incredible and terrifying. To help, we have compiled some insight from experienced and first time dads that will help you get through the first...CONTINUE READING
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Tips for New Dads

Having your first child can temporarily turn your world upside down. You and your partner are learning through trial and error, and figuring out what the new normal looks like. For many first-time fathers, this is a time of wonder and joy – but also of stress and doubt. Take some time to mentally prepare...CONTINUE READING

“Baby, I’m Home!”

Home is where the heart is! This one minute baby video sums up our feelings for dads. Thanks to Reddit, this video has recently gone viral and we are so thankful for it.  We love this sweet little baby and her reaction to daddy coming home. Dads are awesome!