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DIY Costume Ideas for Babies

Halloween is a magical time for older kids who look forward to trick-or-treating, pumpkin carving and candy devouring – but it’s also a fun holiday for families with babies and toddlers. As parents, you only get a few short years where you can dress your little ones up in any getup you like. Take advantage of the opportunity, and make one of these adorable and simple DIY costume ideas.
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Even if you’re not naturally crafty, these costumes are a cinch to make – and most don’t even require a needle and thread.


Transform an everyday hoodie into a prehistoric disguise with a few craft store materials. Cut different sizes of triangles out of a large piece of felt. Use fabric glue to attach the triangles on top of the hood and down the back of a colorful hoodie. If you have extra felt, you can also cut out a long spiked tail and glue it to the bottom of the hoodie. Let the glue dry, and you have an adorable baby stegosaurus costume.


It’s a bird, it’s a plane – it’s Superbaby! This is one of the easiest DIY costume ideas – you can throw it together the last minute, and it’s easy to customize. Make a cape by cutting up an old T-shirt or fabric into a large square; cut holes in two corners, and run a ribbon through. Cut letters (such as the first letter of your baby’s name) or a symbols (like a lightning bolt or a star) out of felt and use fabric glue to attach them to the back of the cape and the front of a long-sleeved shirt. Use extra bits of fabric to make a mask, a belt or wrist cuffs, adding glitter or paint if you wish.


Add a few extra legs to your baby to create a sweet and colorful octopus costume. Sort through all the mismatched socks in your house, or stop at a thrift store to find a colorful array of socks or tights (enough for eight legs in total).

Set aside two socks for your baby to wear, and stuff the other six with batting, cotton balls or fabric until they are plump. Sew or glue the open ends shut, then attach them to a long, thick piece of ribbon. Tie the belt of legs around your baby’s waist, and complete the look with a simple onesie, plus a hat with two eyes drawn on or cut out of felt and glued on.


Your tiny king or queen of the jungle will be ready for Halloween in no time. Buy a ball of fluffy yarn (in brown, gold, red or multicolored), and wrap lengths of it around your fingers to make a big bunch. Tie a string of yarn around it to secure it, then cut across the loops on the opposite side, making a pom-pom. Keep repeating until you have a large bunch of pom-poms.

Braid six threads of yarn together to make a long headband, and tie the pom-poms across it to form a thick mane. Tie the headband to your baby’s head, and add a nose and whiskers with eyeliner.


Make a soft, cuddly lamb costume with a few hand-me-down clothes and a whole lot of cotton balls. Cut the sleeves off a white sweatshirt that is two sizes bigger than your baby’s size, folding in and gluing the cut edges. Glue a bag or two of cotton balls closely together on the sweatshirt until it’s covered completely. Do the same to a white knit hat. Glue two large pieces of teardrop-shaped black felt to the hat for the ears. Dress your baby in black leggings and a black long-sleeved T-shirt, add the cotton ball sweatshirt and hat.


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