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Easter Activities for Toddlers

Make this Easter full of joy and play for your little ones – without too much work or advance planning. Try these simple, fun Easter activities that are perfect for toddlers.

Eggs-Cellent Relay Race

Help kids burn off some of their sugar high with a hardboiled egg relay race. This is a great activity for a big group of energetic kids. Head outside if the weather is nice, or clear out a big space in the living room.

Divide kids into two teams, then split each team into two groups – one at Point A and one at Point B. Give the first player in each group a large spoon with a hardboiled egg in it, to carry from Point A to Point B and hand off to a teammate. If a team member drops an egg, he has to go back to the starting point and try again. The first team to finish the relay race wins.

Hands-On Easter Cards

Make adorable thumbprint Easter cards for friends and family with only a few supplies: stamp pads in a two festive colors (such as yellow and pink), construction paper or card stock, markers.

Fold paper into the shape of a greeting card. Wash your toddlers’ hands and dry them well. Then carefully press one finger onto an ink pad, then press the color firmly onto the front of the card. Use a different finger for the other color of ink pad, and repeat. Make bunnies by drawing ears, eyes, noses and whiskers, plus paws and tails on one set of thumbprints. Make chicks by drawing eyes, beaks, wings and legs on the other set of thumbprints.

Bunny Masks

Let everyone have a turn at being the Easter Bunny. Make an easy bunny mask by wrapping white pipe cleaners around the top of a jumbo craft stick to form whiskers. Glue a pink pom-pom on top of the whiskers for the nose, and you’re ready to hop down the bunny trail.

Map it Out

Create an exciting Easter treasure hunt by making a simple map with clues about where you’ve hidden the eggs. Draw or paste pictures on the map to guide little ones to the right spots (for example, a big bookcase or a rose bush). To add even more intrigue, leave another map at one of the hiding spots.

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