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Four Quick And Fun Thanksgiving Day Craft Ideas

1. Coffee Filter Turkey
basket-style coffee filters
water-based markers
spray bottle or mister containing water
brown, orange, yellow, red, white and black construction paper
glue stick
Fold each filter in half, then half again. Cut a scalloped edge. Open up flat and color in with water based markers. Leave no spot uncolored. Spray each one a couple times with water so the colors bleed and blend together and let dry.Next, cut out a simple turkey body out of the brown paper, a beak using the yellow paper and a wattle out of the red paper. Use the white paper for the eyes, black paper for pupils. Here’s a simple template to print out if you want to trace the shapes, or let kids draw them freehand for a little variety.Use the glue stick to attach each body part. Cut strips of orange paper and fold accordion-style to fashion the legs, then cut out the feet and glue them on at the end of each leg. (For fancier legs, you can do a paper spring. Watch this demo video to learn how.) Final step: glue the body onto the coffee filter. Done!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=voHi98IcTyQ2. Dried Bean Indian Corn Mosaic

Source: All Kids Network
corn template (you can print out this one)
green and yellow construction paper
white glue
dried beans, such as red, black, kidney, cannelloni and garbanzo; dried lentils, dried corn, dried peas—whatever! (try bean soup mix from the grocery store)

Using the template, trace and cut out the corn pieces and glue the cob onto the husk. Cover the corn piece with a layer of glue. Spread it into an even layer with your finger. Let the kids add beans to the gluey surface in whatever pattern or arrangement they like. Some kids will really enjoy the sensory aspect of playing in a big bowl of beans. They may want to sort them and arrange them in complex patterns, or they way just throw on a handful all at once. There are no rules!

3. Pinecone Owl

Displaying pinecone owl supplies.jpg 
Source: Whimsy Love
felt in five colors (recommended: rust for wings, orange for the beak, dark brown for the face (mask), turquoise for large eye circles and mustard yellow for pupils)
googly eyes
hot glue gun
stapler or tacky glue

Cut out body parts (here’s a template if you want to trace them first; search “owl template” on Pinterest and you’ll find loads more). Make little snips all around the large eye circles; glue the beak to the eye-mask, then add the large eye circles, then smaller eye circles (pupils); you can try using a stapler to save time. You will have to glue the googly eyes on, but apply glue from the hot glue gun to the felt, not to the back of the googly eyes or they could melt.

Glue wings to the sides of the pinecone and you have your owl! For photos showing how this project looks each step of the way, visit Whimsy-Love.com

4. Pumpkin Place Cards

Source: Little Miss Craft
orange tissue paper
green pipe cleaners
card stock
hole puncher

Cut tissue paper into six 3-in. x 5-in. rectangles. Fold the whole stack into 10 segments, accordian-style. Fold the pipe cleaner in half. Place folded tissue paper in the middle of the folded pipe cleaner. Twist pipe cleaner at the top to create the stem. Fasten tissue paper by twisting pipe cleaner at the other end.

Fan out the two halves of the folded tissue paper into a circle. Take the first sheet of tissue paper and pull upwards towards the stem; do the same for the first sheet of tissue paper on the other half circle. Continue to pull up a total of three layers of tissue paper. (Click here for a visual.) Proceed to pull down the remaining layers of tissue paper towards the bottom of the pumpkin, one layer at a time. Holding the pumpkin by the stem, fluff the layers and set aside.

Cut place cards out of card stock and punch a hole at one end of each. Cut a slit from the edge of the card to the hole. Write names on each card, and slip it onto the stem.  Voila!



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