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Fun and Easy Easter Crafts for Toddlers

Spring is just around the corner and that means Easter isn’t far behind!  Easter Sunday comes early this year so be ready for the Easter Bunny’s anticipated arrival.  We have some great Easter crafts that are perfect for any age and will add an egg-cellent amount of Easter fun to your day!


‘Stained Glass’ Suncatchers

Let the sunshine in!  The Easter Bunny will know which house to hop to when he sees these beautiful colorful decorations in the window.


  • Card stock or poster board
  • Tissue paper in a variety of colors
  • Clear film or transparency paper (available at your local business supply store)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Hole puncher
  • Yarn or ribbon


1. Cut tissue paper into triangles of various sizes.  Set aside.

2. Using a hand-drawn or existing template, create a selection of shapes (eggs, cross, flower, etc.) for your suncatchers approximately 5-10 inches tall and/or wide (big enough to be able to catch the sun, small enough to be able to hang many of them on your window).

3. Cut out the inner portion of your shapes leaving a border of card stock approximately 1 inch wide.

4. Place transparency paper under shape frame and lightly mark where to trim to secure to your suncatcher frame.

5. Arrange tissue triangles on to the cutout transparency paper.  Overlap tissue shapes to create different color tones. Use small amounts of glue to secure tissue pieces to transparency shape.

6. Once complete, make a hole at the top of the suncatcher using hole punch.  Thread ribbon or yarn through hole. Hang suncatcher in a sunny spot to catch the glorious sun rays of spring.


Easter Egg Wreath

Hang this wreath on your front door to welcome your guests or allow each child to hang their own wreath on their bedroom door.  You will be Easter-ready with all of these beautiful decorations and that’s no yoke!


  • Paper plates
  • Egg-shaped cookie cutter, or egg-shaped template cut out on to foam core or thick card stock (template or cutter shape should be about 3-4 inches high)
  • Thinner card stock for egg shapes
  • Crayons or washable markers
  • Other items for egg ‘decorating’ (e.g. Glitter, pom poms, adhesive foam shapes, etc.)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Hole puncher
  • Yarn or ribbon


1. Cut out the inside of the paper plate leaving you with a ‘ring’ of approximately 1-2 inches in width

2. Use cookie cutter or card stock template to lightly trace the shape onto thinner card stock

3. Cut the egg shapes and allow children to decorate each one using crayons, markers and other crafty accessories.  NOTE: You will need about 12-15 completed paper eggs to fill each paper plate ring

4. Glue completed shapes onto the edge of the paper plate, overlapping them slightly.

5. Punch a hole at the top of the wreath and slip through ribbon.  Create a bow using ribbon or yarn and attach to bottom or top of wreath for an additional bit of flare

6. Hang and enjoy!

Tip: Use various scrapbooking paper to include a mix of patterns, textures and tones to your Easter Egg Wreath.


Footprint Carrots

Bunnies can’t resist carrots – especially the Easter Bunny!  These make super cute Easter decorations but also make great keepsakes to tuck away and reminisce just how wee their feet once were.  This craft can get a bit messy so be sure to have a large plastic sheet or tarp to work on to avoid orange footprints throughout the house.


  • Card stock
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Washable non-toxic orange paint
  • Green construction paper


1. Cut green construction paper into strips approximately a half-inch thick and 2-3 inches long.  Set aside.

2. Ensure children’s feet are clean and dry.  Using a large paint brush, apply a hearty coat of washable non-toxic orange paint to the bottom of one (or both) of the feet.

3. Supporting the child, have them gently step down on to card stock so they leave an orange print of their foot.  Allow to completely dry before next step.

4. Once dry, cut around footprint (leaving a bit of a border).

5. Glue 5-6 green paper strips to top of foot as ‘carrot greens’.

6. ‘Bunch’ footprint carrots in a straw basket for a fun centerpiece for your Easter dinner.

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