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Fun With Leaves: Fall Activities for Kids

If you’re searching for fun indoor activities to keep your little ones happy on a chilly fall day, look no further for inspiration than Mother Nature. Gather a few generous handfuls of bright autumn leaves, and dig into one of these easy fall crafts.

Leaf Rubbings

This timeless fall craft is ideal for younger kids because it doesn’t involve scissors, glue or anything else that can be challenging. Collect leaves of interesting shapes, sizes and textures (leaves that are pliable and will lie flat work best). Place a group of leaves on the table and cover them with a piece of white paper. Have kids pick out different colored crayons and lightly rub them over the shape of each of the leaves until the details start to emerge.

Leaf Wreath

This festive fall wreath, made from brightly colored leaves, makes a wonderful centerpiece or decoration for your front door. Gather a large bunch (around 20) of newly fallen leaves, and lay them out on a table. Cut the center circle out of a plain white paper plate.

Start creating the wreath by gluing leaves, one by one, to the paper plate and overlapping them until there is no more white space showing. Your kids might want to arrange the leaves so they’re all facing the same way, or they might go for more of a collage effect. Trim any stems that are sticking out, and glue a bright ribbon to the top of the leaf wreath.

Leaf Lanterns

Light up a cozy autumn night with these simple, beautiful leaf lanterns. Wash and dry a mason jar, wiping it gently with rubbing alcohol to remove any residual oil or dirt. Sprinkle a bit of water on the bright leaves you’ve brought in to make them more flexible to work with.

Paint a thin coat of Mod Podge – using a paintbrush, a sponge brush or your fingers – around the outside of the jar. Wait until it feels tacky, then stick a leaf to the jar. Paint more Mod Podge on the surface of the leaf, smoothing out the edges and pushing down on the glass to make it stick. Repeat this step with as many leaves as you want to cover the jar. Let it sit for a few hours to dry, then tie the top with a ribbon or piece of twine. Add a candle inside, and watch as the light shines through the fall colors.

Leaf Crowns

Crown your kids the royalty of their magical fall kingdoms with this quick and easy fall craft. Cut off the stems of a big bunch of red, gold and orange leaves, and set them aside. Overlap the leaves in a line, then push one stem end through two leaves and back again to form a stitch. Keep doing this to “sew” together your entire line of leaves. When it’s big enough to fit around your child’s head, bring both ends of the leaf chain together to form a circle and add a final stem stitch.



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