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How to Get the Best Quality from Your Baby Monitor

How to Get the Best Quality from Your Baby Monitor

Keeping your baby safe and healthy is your main concern as a parent. Since you can’t be in the same room every minute of the day, your video baby monitor often acts as your eyes and ears from afar. You depend on the monitor to be reliable and vigilant – alerting you if your baby needs you, or if anything is amiss. It’s essential for your peace of mind that the monitor delivers optimal service, day in and day out.

Here are Levana’s tips for getting the best quality from your monitor:

Find the Right Place.

Be strategic about where you set up your monitor’s camera. Put it too close or too far away, and the image quality will suffer; 4 to 6 feet away from your baby is ideal. Test the camera placement in a few different areas of the room, and evaluate how the picture displays on the monitor. Remember to keep cords away from the crib at all times.

Keep the Signal Clear.

Your monitor needs an uninterrupted signal to function properly. Wireless Internet routers run on the same frequency as monitors, however, and can cause signal interference. Make sure your router is placed in a different room from both the camera and the monitor, so there’s no risk of losing your signal.

Turn off the Lights.

A baby monitor’s night vision capabilities help you keep an eye on your baby in the wee hours of the morning. Levana’s baby monitors use invisible infrared LEDs on their cameras to provide a high-quality image at night, but they work best when all the lights are off. Turn off bedside lamps, overhead lights and night lights to prevent any image distortion.

Prevent Battery Drain.

Levana’s Power Save Mode gives their monitors an extra-long 12-hour battery life. The screen stays dark until your baby makes a sound. This feature preserves the battery for hours at a time, but only works if there are no other noise inferences in the nursery. Remove or turn off any noise-making items – TVs, mobiles, toys, etc. – that will trigger the screen to turn on and deplete the monitor’s battery.

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  • November 15, 2016 at 10:15 am
    Elena W.

    I haven’t owned a video monitor but this one with all of these great features really temps me….our 19 month old is starting to put himself to sleep but when all gets quiet in his room we would really like to know what’s going on–is he really sleeping, is he still wide awake, is he safe?