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Holiday Crafts for Toddlers

Tis the season for merrymaking – and when you have little kids in the house, that also means craftmaking! Creating holiday crafts is a fun and festive way to spend a chilly winter’s day. These projects are simple enough for toddlers to do without much supervision or many materials, and they make beautiful decorations or gifts.

Puffy Snowflake Paintings

Mix up a few common pantry items, and voilà! You have a homemade puffy paint that dries quickly (perfect for impatient small artists). Combine equal parts self-rising flour and salt, and add a few drops of food coloring if desired. Then mix in just enough water to give the paint the consistency of pancake batter. Pour the mixture into empty squeeze bottles, and let your toddlers make gorgeous snowflake designs on construction paper. Put each painting in the microwave for about 30 seconds, and marvel at the dry and puffy results.

Egg Carton Christmas Tree

Rescue an egg carton from the recycling bin, and make a bright Christmas tree masterpiece with your little ones. Cut out five egg carton cups that will form the tree. Paint each cup bright green and let dry. Then decorate the tree with ornaments by adding colorful polka dots all over each green cup. Poke a hole through the middle of each cup, and stack the cups with their open sides facing down. Twist a few pipe cleaners together to form the tree trunk, and slide it through each cup’s hole. For extra sparkle, you can add a shiny pipe cleaner star at the top of the tree.

Snowman Ornament

There’s no need to wait for a blizzard to make your own Frosty. Create cute snowman ornaments to hang on your tree, wreath or mantle. Glue three white foam (or cardboard) circles together to form the shape of your snowman. Then add googly eyes and a small pom pom nose to the top circle, plus two or three small buttons to the middle circle. If you’re feeling inspired, you can also make a tiny scarf out of braided yarn or a top hat from extra foam or cardboard. Tie a small loop of yarn, and glue it to the back of the top circle, and your snowman ornament is ready to go up.

Footprint Reindeer Cards

Don’t worry if you haven’t gotten around to holiday cards this year. Friends and family will love these personalized mementos, and they’re easy (if a little messy) to make at home. Fold thick paper in half, or use blank greeting cards. Paint the soles of your kids’ feet with brown paint – or get crazy and experiment with all the colors of the rainbow. Firmly press each foot down on the front of a card, and gently peel the paper off. This footprint will form the face of your reindeer. Once the paint has dried, decorate your reindeer faces with eyes, antlers and bright red noses. Get creative with markers, paint, googly eyes, pom poms or buttons.


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