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How Levana Protects Against Baby Monitor Hacking

In recent years, there have been a number of disturbing news stories about people managing to hack into Internet-connected baby monitors, remotely controlling the cameras, playing music or speaking to children through the intercom. This type of intrusion is clearly terrifying for parents who have bought baby monitors to keep their children safe and secure.

How Baby Monitor Hacking Happens

Because many new baby monitors are connected to Wi-Fi, as well as smartphone or tablet apps, they have become easier to hack.

Last September, IT security firm Rapid7 tested nine baby monitors from different companies and across a range of prices. Rapid7 analyzed each monitor for approximately 20 hours, then published a report giving each one a grade and detailing the common vulnerabilities. Eight of the monitors received an F, and one received a D-minus. All of the tested baby monitors contained flaws considered basic from an IT security standpoint, including unencrypted storage, unencrypted remote and local communications, and hidden accounts with easily guessed passwords. These flaws make it possible for strangers to hack into monitors.

What Levana Does to Prevent Baby Monitor Hacking

Our top priorities at Levana are keeping your baby safe and giving you peace of mind. We take security very seriously, and our baby monitors are designed to protect against all possible hackers.

To keep our baby monitors more secure, we don’t allow the ability to view feeds online or on a smartphone. This way, hackers aren’t able to find a backdoor into monitors via an Internet connection. All our monitors offer a private, secure and interference-free digital signal. For enhanced security, Levana baby monitors transmit video and audio data across small, private and local networks. replica watches Paired monitors and cameras also move among 19 different channels simultaneously, disrupting any possible attempts to intercept the signal.

We pride ourselves on providing reliable and secure baby monitors that allow you – and only you – to keep watch over your little ones.

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