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We’re Expecting New Products!

We are thrilled to announce the addition of six new baby video monitors to the Levana collection. We’re always looking for ways to improve our products and provide practical solutions for parents – and we know you’ll fall in love with these new monitors. They all deliver superior design and technology to watch over your little ones and put your mind at ease. See which one is right for your family!


Featuring an ultra-thin monitor with a 5-inch LCD screen, Alexa rests lightly in the palm of your hand so you can move around easily. It protects against interception with an encrypted digital proprietary signal, and it offers a clear connection within a 150-foot transmission range.  The baby video monitor has battery that lasts up to 12 hours in power-save mode; when you do need to recharge, its convenient micro USB port lets you plug into your usual computer or device.


Shiloh gives you eyes and ears throughout your entire house, no matter which room you’re in. It has an expandable system that supports up to four cameras, and its 5-inch HD touch screen features a split-screen view and an intuitive icon-based menu. You can also track the temperature in the nursery through built-in sensors in the Shiloh cameras.


Ease your worries with Willow’s silent cameras that zoom in with 2x magnification, pan 300 degrees and tilt 110 degrees. Invisible infrared LEDs even provide a clear video of your baby in complete darkness, from up to 12 feet away. Choose from a menu of lullabies, white noise and nature sounds, and use the two-way intercom to  soothe your little one back to sleep.


The Mylo baby video monitor keeps track of all the little things you’re afraid of forgetting. It manages timers for feedings and naps, as well as nursery temperature sensors and remote-controlled lullabies. Mylo sits on a sturdy steel monitor stand and rapidly recharges in just 3.5 hours.


Amara’s 7-inch HD touch screen monitor provides a large, clear picture, so you know at a glance that your baby is safe and sound. It displays footage from up to four different cameras on a single monitor. It also has a user-friendly icon menu, a 12-hour battery life and a USB charger.


Aria makes it easy to check in on your baby, even from the other side of the house, or in the middle of the night. It has a signal range of up to 150 feet, showing an incredibly sharp picture on a 7-inch touch screen monitor. With Aria, you can use the silent pan/tilt/zoom feature, as well as set timers and play lullabies.

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