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Levana’s Story

Our story begins way back in 2001 with a pesky tech problem and a simple question.

One night, Raj Jain was babysitting his infant niece and keeping an eye on her with an analog audio monitor. Raj was frustrated with the awful sound quality and limited range, and realized that this experience was the norm for all parents using a baby monitor. There wasn’t a better option out there at the time.

Raj was the founder of a user-friendly video security company called SVAT (Superior Value Added Technologies), but he had never considered that the same type of products could be applied to child safety. While battling with the unreliable audio baby monitor, Raj thought:

Who wouldn’t want to also see their child while they were in another room?

That question became the inspiration for Levana. Of course parents would prefer to see and hear their babies when they’re in a different part of the house. Raj’s own mother would have loved a video monitor when he was a young and curious child, always toying with new inventions and gadgets.

Raj applied his video technology expertise to tackle this challenge, and less than a year later, we introduced the first wireless, hand-held and full-color baby video monitor in the world to market.

We sold our first video monitors under the SVAT brand, but they were soon so popular with parents that we decided they should have their own company. We named it Levana after the Roman goddess whose name means “to rise,” and who represents the act of lifting up a newborn baby in a ceremonial presentation to the parents.

Our mission is to empower parents on a daily basis, helping them worry less and do more. With our video monitors, they have peace of mind knowing their babies are safe, and they have freedom to keep up the activities they enjoy.

It has been 15 years since the idea for Levana came to Raj. We are so grateful to all the parents who have helped us create the best baby monitors in the world.

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