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Mommy Words: A Guide for New Moms

As a new mom, you are in a constant state of learning as you go. While your baby is exploring the world around her and developing motor and language skills, you’re also discovering a whole new universe only open to parents. Part of this is picking up a new vocabulary of mommy words that you use with your baby – but you might not have been familiar with before you became a parent.

You may also notice that you talk to your little one in a different tone of voice than you normally use. The pitch of your voice goes up, and you draw out your vowels and pronounce your consonants more precisely. This way of speaking is called “parentese” – and research shows that it can actually help babies learn language! Babies enjoy listening to these sounds and watching the exaggerated expressions adults make.

Here is a list of mommy words you probably find yourself using often in your day-to-day life. What else would you add to the list?

Baba – Bottle

Beddy-bye / Go Nye-Nye – Go to sleep

Binky/ Paci / Soothie – Pacifier

Blankie – Blanket

Booboo/ Ouchie / Owie – Small injury, cut or bruise

Bubby – Brother

Caca / Doo-doo / Stinky – Dirty diaper

Dada – Daddy

Din-Din – Dinner or food

Jammies Pajamas

Lovie – Comfort toy or blanket

Nappy – Nap (or diaper in the UK)

Num-Nums – Food

Oopsie – Small accident

Sippy – Baby cup

Sissy – Sister

Uppie – Getting picked up

Wawa – Water

Widdle – Little

Woofie /Woof-Woof – Dog

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