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Nursery Organizing Ideas

Nursery Organizing Ideas

The due date countdown is on, and you are in super-charged nesting mode. Life will get pretty hectic once your baby arrives, so take the time now to set up a cute and organized nursery that’s easy to keep tidy. Here are a few helpful tips to find a place for all those tiny little pieces.

Group by category.

It’s surprising how many things such a little person needs! Miscellaneous items are hard to keep track of, so start by dividing them into larger categories. Separate different types of clothing and shoes, and group them by size. Put all of the changing and bathing toiletries together. Make a pile of toys and books. Once you see everything you have, it will be easier to determine what storage solutions you need.

Go bananas for boxes.

Look for containers – boxes, baskets, bins – that will suit various tasks in the nursery. Stackable, clear boxes are great for stashing wipes, diapers and lotions for the changing station. Cute cube bookshelves with removable baskets are excellent for storing books and toys. And drawer dividers are perfect for making sure small items don’t get lost.

Keep the surfaces clear.

You can expect some clutter to build up over time on any flat surface in the nursery – the top of dressers or bookcases, for example. Sweep all these odds and ends into a bowl or a basket so they are contained, and sort through them once a week. This simple step will make the room feel instantly cleaner. It’s especially important to keep the space around the baby monitor clear so you get video and audio coverage without interference.

Use your vertical space.

If you are running out of storage in a small room, just look up. Take advantage of creative vertical solutions that maximize your space, such as tall shelves, wall-mounted wooden pegs, or hanging shoe organizers and wire baskets. Put rarely used items or too-big clothes in bins on the top shelf of the closet.

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