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Pickles and Ice Cream and Short Ribs….OH MY! Curbing Your Pregnancy Cravings While Satisfying Your Needs

Pregnancy is an incredible, beautiful, amazingly awesome, scary, life-changing, mind-blowing part of being a woman. The miracle of birth is a challenge to put into words and the way a woman’s body reacts when they are carrying – well, that is a whole other subject.  Some women deal with morning sickness, many have to cope with ongoing exhaustion, and most wear that beautiful ‘pregnancy glow’ throughout their entire pregnancy. On top of all of that – let us not forget about pregnancy cravings. When a pregnant woman’s body wants something, there is no stopping it.

Food Cravings.
For the majority of women, food cravings begin during the first trimester and decline in the third. These cravings vary from unusual combinations of salty and sweet food to sour and spicy food, including many recipes which are not part of a typical pre-pregnancy diet. Because really, the average person doesn’t normally sit down to a bowl of ice cream and pickles on a regular basis.  While no one really knows the reason why certain cravings occur, some experts identify the phenomenon as the body indicating a need for particular nutrients (i.e., sodium, fat, sugar) versus the food/meal itself.

Food Aversions.
Some moms-to-be also experience adverse reactions to certain foods during their pregnancy, where their once favorite items and meals could quickly find themselves off the grocery list. For the most part, these will subside and disappear once their baby arrives.

No matter what the reason might be behind a midnight ‘fix’ of waffles and cheese spread or an afternoon ‘treat’ of sardines and blueberries on crackers, it is important to ensure nutrition stays top-of-mind throughout a pregnancy.  If a craving comes on – don’t neglect it but indulge in smaller portions of foods that are high in sodium, salt, or fat. Always try to follow it up with wise food choices to ensure you and your baby stay on a healthy nutrition path.

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