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The Potty-Training Blues: Some Helpful Tips

If you’re struggling with the process of potty training your toddler, here are some suggestions on how to make things a little easier:

The first thing is to stay calm. You will need all the patience you can muster. Don’t let them see how much you want it. Act like the bathroom is just normal everyday stuff. Some schools and camps won’t admit a child who’s still in diapers. If your kid is psyched up for Pre-K, that eagerness to join in could be a great motivator. 

Still, don’t rush It. If your kid isn’t ready, you’re wasting your time, and the effort could backfire. Many children won’t “get it” until they are genuinely uncomfortable sitting in their own messes.

That doesn’t mean you can’t sweeten the deal. Offering rewards can work wonders with some kids. Poop in the potty, win a prize: a toy dinosaur, an action figure, a cookie, a gold star on a chart, whatever makes them happy. Cool underwear works too, panties with ponies or princesses and superhero boxer briefs. Offer fancy big-boy/big-girl pants as an incentive.

And be sure to keep a lot of that fun underwear on hand. You won’t want to put a diaper on a child who’s willing to use the toilet but is still accident prone. It’s confusing. So bring extra pairs with you when you leave the house, and be prepared to toss whatever happens to gets soiled. The last thing you’ll want to do is hold onto them until you get home. Wasteful, you say? Of course it is, but you can feel better thinking about all the water and energy you’re saving, not running the washing machine—AGAIN.

For more information, check out this comprehensive guide compiled by experts at The Mayo Clinic.

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  • October 17, 2014 at 9:05 am

    This was so helpful! I have found potty training to be such a challenge!