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Presidents’ Day Activities

Next Monday, schools and many workplaces are closed for a long weekend to celebrate Presidents’ Day for George Washington and Abraham Lincoln’s birthdays. While a day off is always a good opportunity to make no plans and bask in welcome downtime, it can also be a chance to share more about the holiday with your children. Enjoy your holiday together with one of these themed Presidents’ Day activities.

Story Hour

Head to the library and look for a few picture books about the presidents’ lives and American history. Read them out loud together, and look up other interesting facts online to answer questions that come up.

Abraham Lincoln Mask

Let your kids get into character as Honest Abe with this creative mask project. Trace the shape of Lincoln’s hat (using a printable template or freehand) onto black construction paper. Cut out the hat, then cut the leftover construction paper into thin strips of paper. Crumple the strips. Remove the center of a white paper plate. Glue the paper strips onto the bottom half of the paper plate rim, and the hat to the top half. Glue a popsicle stick to the bottom of the plate, and your mask is complete!

George Washington Art

This tribute to the first president of the United States is simple enough even for small children. Print and cut out a template of George Washington’s head. Draw in the president’s head and color it in with crayons, then glue several cotton balls on each side of his head for hair.

Presidents’ Day Bingo

Customize your own bingo game using symbols from US history. Print a 3×3, a 4×4 or a 5×5 bingo template, or draw your own on a blank piece of paper. Decorate a stack of cards with a selected assortment of themed stickers, from US flags and apple trees to Mount Rushmore and the Statue of Liberty. Pass one card out to each child, and pull stickers out of a bowl to call them out in a presidential bingo game.

Patriotic Hat

Make a patriotic hat with only construction paper and staples or glue. Cut three thick strips of paper, one red, one white and one blue. Glue or staple the ends of the strips together to make a three-sided hat. Trace and cut a star out of yellow construction paper, and fasten it to the front of the hat.


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