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Product Spotlight: Alexa Video Monitor

The name Alexa means “helper,” and it couldn’t be more fitting for the Alexa video baby monitor. Alexa gives you an extra set of eyes, helping you stay connected to your baby from every room in your house.

Grows to Your Needs

The Alexa baby monitor offers a flexible, expandable system that adapts to your family’s needs. It features a vibrant 5-inch LCD monitor with adjustable brightness, and a camera with clear night vision up to 12 feet in total darkness. But when you want to keep tabs on multiple children or spaces in your home, Alexa supports up to four cameras on a single monitor. At a glance, you can check in on the video feed from all of the cameras, making sure everything is under control.

On-the-Go Capabilities

The Alexa video baby monitor is thin (15 mm) and lightweight (0.45 lb.), letting you carry it in your hand as easily as a smartphone. Its 500-foot transmission range gives you excellent mobility as you move through your house or yard. And with its enduring battery, you don’t have to worry about keeping it plugged in at all times. The battery lasts up to 12 hours, and recharges in just a few hours from any USB port.

Comfort & Security

Nothing is more important than your baby being safe and sound at all times. The Alexa monitor is equipped with an encrypted digital proprietary signal and channel hopping, protecting against any outside interception. Alexa also allows you to comfort your baby without being in the room; if you hear her fussing on the monitor, you can talk to her through the two-way intercom until she calms down. Alexa provides customizable controls to monitor the temperature in the nursery, and to give reminders about naps and feedings.

What Customers Say About Alexa

“I bought the Alexa unit less than 3 weeks ago and it’s the most amazing and clear camera ever. “

“Easy to use, Video Feed and features are great.  I would highly recommend to anyone!”
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