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Product Spotlight: Keera (2 Camera Set)

All our monitors help parents keep a close watch over their babies when they can’t be in the same room. And the Keera does that job splendidly, with the same high-quality audio and video capabilities provided by our other models, and the same trademark ClearVu technology that produces a clear and precise digital signal from up to 750 ft. (150 ft. when passing through walls or floors).

But for this souped-up system, that’s only the beginning. By adding a few extra features, the Keera brings more flexibility and fun to the business of baby surveillance.

The 3.5-in. touch-panel LCD display monitor allows you to adjust cameras from afar; you can pan the room, tilt for a better angle or zoom in for a closer look at what’s happening in the crib. Camera movements are smooth and silent. Spring for the Keera system that comes with two cameras, and you can cover two rooms or the same scene from two separate vantage points. The system can support up to four cameras total.

With Keera you can also record video or take still pictures without disrupting the live feed. A 2GB microSD card comes included. The display’s icon-based menu makes all of these features easy to use and customize.

Another bonus: When the monitor is on mute, an indicator ring of LED light will signal that something’s up. If it shines blue, it means low sounds are being detected from the baby’s room; green means murmuring, yellow, cooing, and so forth. Yelling, of course, comes in red. Meanwhile, the LEDs used by the camera for night vision are invisible. That night vision, by the way, works at a range of up to 12 ft.

Any sound from the baby wakes the system up from its own power-saving sleep mode, or PEEP mode. A two-way Talk to Baby intercom feature allows parents to quickly soothe from a distance and salvage precious nap time. Mom or Dad can also use the intercom to call for backup at the changing table.

Learn more about the Levana Keera 2-camera set on our website’s product page or click here to watch a demo clip.

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