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Product Spotlight: Ovia PTZ Baby Video Monitor ($199.99 – Original Value: $259.99)

Whether you have one baby or several small children you want to keep an eye on, the Levana Ovia baby video monitor is a user-friendly and flexible choice for your family. The Ovia baby monitor is on sale now for $199.99 – marked down from its regular price of $259.99. And while supplies last, you’ll also receive a free gift with your order – a wireless battery dock!

Ovia comes with two cameras, and you can expand the system up to four cameras that all display with sharp detail on a single large 4.3” LCD screen. View all cameras at once, or choose between individual camera feeds. Each camera has a full range of motion that you can control from the easy-to-use touch screen monitor, panning, tilting and zooming to see the entire nursery.

The Ovia baby video monitor features Levana’s exclusive ClearVu digital technology, which reaches 750 feet on a secure signal. In PEEP mode, Ovia’s screen lights up only when your baby makes a noise, conserving battery life for up to eight hours without recharging. And with Levana’s one-year warranty and lifetime customer support, you can have confidence in your purchase as a valuable long-term investment.

Ovia Baby Monitor Features & Benefits

Don’t Miss a Thing

The Ovia monitor gives you the closest experience to being in every room of the house at every single moment. You can set up Ovia’s two cameras in different corners of the same nursery, or you can use them to monitor two separate rooms. Checking in on your little ones just takes a second with the intuitive touch panel on the screen. Even in total darkness, Ovia gives you a clear picture of the nursery up to 15 feet away; invisible infrared LEDs activate in low light to give you peace of mind without waking up your baby.

Capture Priceless Moments

The Levana Ovia baby video monitor makes it easy to document the special everyday moments you share with your baby. Take videos and photos directly from the monitor, and save them to a micro SD card. Use the SD adapter to transfer files easily your computer for storage, posting and printing.

Soothe From Afar

Levana’s Talk to Baby two-way intercom lets you talk to your baby with the touch of a button, ideal for when he or she starts to fuss and you are in a different part of the house. Ovia also allows you to play three different lullabies, controlled remotely from the parent unit.

Visit Ovia’s product page and read reviews from happy customers

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