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Product Spotlight: Sophia Video Monitor

With the help of Levana’s Sophia Digital Video Baby Monitor, you can worry less and do more. The Sophia baby monitor offers fantastic features at an affordable price (which is a win-win for parents!).

It’s easy to set up in a matter of minutes, and it keeps close watch over your little one – no matter what time of day it is or where you are in the house.

Sophia Baby Monitor Features & Benefits

Crystal-clear picture and sound gives you peace of mind.

The Sophie video monitor reassures you that your baby is calm and safe with excellent video and audio coverage from a distance. It features a 500-foot ClearVu digital signal and 15-foot night vision capabilities. For a more restful way to monitor your baby’s cries, you can switch to the LED volume setting. Turn the volume to low, and the LED indicator will change color depending on the noise level in the nursery.

Baby’s comfort comes first.

Sometimes your baby just needs to know everything is OK, and the Sophia baby monitor lets you do that without being in the room. From the parent unit, you can check the nursery’s temperature remotely or turn the gentle nightlight on for a soothing glow while your baby falls asleep (and then turn it off again later). You can also use the Talk to Baby two-way intercom to comfort your little one or let her know you’re on your way.

The long battery life plans ahead for you.

When the Sophia video monitor is in PEEP (Power-on/off Energy Efficient Picture) mode, it automatically goes to sleep to conserve battery life when there is no sound coming from the nursery. In PEEP mode, the monitor has a battery that lasts up to 48 hours, perfect for busy families.

Customer Reviews of the Sophia Monitor

100% of reviewers say they would recommend this product. See what our happy customers have to say:

“I purchased this monitor to use for my daughter and I couldn’t be more pleased. It was so simple to set up and I was able to use it right away. The peep mode is a wonderful option and really saves battery life. Being able to look at the monitor and see my baby has given me such peace of mind. This is a great product at a really affordable price.” – Mandj

“This monitor was a whiz to setup. I was surprised that all you had to do was simply plug in the camera and plug in the monitor–that’s it! The reception is incredible… no static, the audio is perfect. There’s a wonderful feature where you can talk to the baby from the monitor which is great for soothing baby from afar. The monitor shows the temperature in the room which is great peace of mind knowing that your baby is in a safe environment.” – elee

“This monitor is absolutely worth it! I love that I can monitor both my children off of one unit and the talk to baby function is absolutely amazing!” – SamsonL

Learn more about the Sophia Digital Video Baby Monitor, and order online.


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