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Willow Touchscreen PTZ Video Baby Monitor

Product Spotlight: Willow 2-Camera Set

Watching over one small child is enough to keep you busy, but when you have two or more in the house… you need all the help you can get. A baby monitor with one camera is great for keeping an eye on a single nursery, but a two-camera set is ideal for managing multiple rooms at once.

Levana’s Willow baby video monitor is the perfect fit for your growing family. This set comes already equipped with two cameras that you can place in different nurseries or playrooms throughout your house. The set can be expanded to support up to four cameras, all of which display on the same parent monitor screen.

Here are just a few ways the Willow baby monitor two-camera set will help ease your mind every day.

Grow eyes in the back of your head

Willow’s 5-inch HD screen provides sharp, detailed video of your little ones on a side-by-side split screen. Verify, at a glance, that all is well with both your children. Tilt, pan or zoom the cameras to cover an entire room without making a sound. The cameras use infrared invisible LEDs, so you get a clear picture, whether it’s broad daylight or the middle of the night.

Be everywhere

It’s a law of parenting that everything seems to happen all at once. When you need to feed your newborn in one room, your toddler wakes up crying in another. Willow helps you juggle these demands with its two-way intercom; with the touch of a monitor button, you can soothe your child from a distance. You can also play lullabies, white noise and nature sounds remotely.

Keep track of important info

With its intuitive touch screen, the Willow baby monitor acts as a command center for your children’s day. Set alarms for feeding and nap times. Activate a temperature setting to alert you if a room becomes too hot or too cold. And rest easy knowing that all is well.

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