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Product Spotlight: Willow Video Monitor

The perfect baby monitor is one that works so seamlessly you don’t have to think about it at all. Willow, Levana’s new video monitor, lets you keep close watch on your baby effortlessly through advanced technology and intuitive design.

At the Touch of a Screen

Willow is sleek and slim, featuring a 5-inch HD screen in a 15 mm monitor housing with a front-facing speaker. It’s lightweight, fitting in the palm of your hand and mounting smoothly on an adjustable steel stand. The touch screen is fast and responsive, and the icon menu is easy to understand quickly (even in the middle of the night). If you have multiple children or want to supervise several rooms in your house, Willow can support up to four cameras that display on a single monitor.

The Willow monitor provides the flexibility you need to check up on your child, wherever you are in the house. Scan the nursery to see everything in sharp detail without making a sound; it has the capability to pan 300⁰, tilt 110⁰ and zoom in with 2x magnification. The LED night vision lets you see up to 12 feet in total darkness.

Long-Lasting Battery

Willow has a powerful battery life, running for up to 12 hours in power save mode. It recharges rapidly, regaining full battery within 3.5 hours of being plugged in. The monitor’s convenient micro-USB port means you can recharge it from any USB outlet or computer you already use.

Safe & Secure

The Willow monitor ensures that only you have access to the video feed from your nursery. Levana’s encrypted digital proprietary signal and channel hopping keep your connection safe and private. The transmission range extends up to 500 feet.

Extra Comfort & Convenience

Willow helps you keep your little one cared for at all times. You can set timers for naps and feedings, receive temperature alerts from the nursery, and talk to your baby through the two-way communication system. You can also remotely play soothing lullabies or nature sounds.

What Customers Say About Willow

“I think this is one of the best monitors out there today. It looks great. It’s thin. Long battery life. Nice, intuitive touchscreen. Nice lullabies. PTZ camera. Great functionality.”

“I bought this as I am getting ready to have baby number 5 and my current youngest is 19 months old so I needed a monitor that I could monitor two rooms at a time. I love the touch screen and all the many features it has.”

“Great product!  Very clear.  Easy to use! Highly recommended.”

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