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Snow Day Activities for Toddlers

Kids and adults alike get excited about the first snowfall of the year. Sledding, snowmen, snowball fights!

But what happens when the snow doesn’t show signs of stopping, and your little ones are starting to feel less enthusiastic and just a bit stir-crazy? It’s a good idea to have a list of simple and fun snow day activities – for outdoors and indoors – to keep your family active, entertained and happy. Here are some of our favorite wintertime boredom busters!

Make Snow Castles

Dust off your beach gear, and give it new life in the snow. Use buckets, shovels and other sand toys (or any empty plastic containers you have around the house, from toy bins to food tubs) to build magical snow castles with your toddlers. Pack snow firmly into the containers, then turn them upside down to form snow bricks. Shape into walls for forts, houses, castles and more.

Blow Ice Bubbles

Once the temperature plunges below freezing, take advantage of the winter wonderland in your own yard. Delight your kids by mixing up a solution made from water, dish detergent and corn syrup, and have them blow bubbles with it outside. Watch the bubbles freeze in beautiful and unique patterns and shapes.

Create Snow Art

Release your tiny artists to paint on their very own giant white canvas. Fill spray bottles with food coloring and water, and let them go wild with their snow graffiti creations. (They’ll also love decorating snow angels and snowmen with colorful accents.)

Set Up a Photo Booth

When everyone’s ready to head back inside and warm up, this indoor activity will keep the whole family happily entertained. Create an old-fashioned photo booth in your living room with the help of modern technology. Find a neutral wall, or pin up a sheet or tablecloth as a backdrop. Set up chairs in front of it, take out the costume box for dress-up inspiration.

Use a laptop, a smartphone or a tablet and an application such as Photo Booth, IncrediBooth or Pocketbooth to take silly pictures and stitch them together in classic four-photo strips. Add fun filters, and print out your favorite shots.

Play with a Winter Sensory Bin

Throw together a winter-themed sensory bin from items you have around the house, and let toddlers explore and play (while building their coordination and sensory skills). In a shallow, large bin or pan, add items with different shapes, sizes and textures. Some ideas: pom poms, packing materials, ribbons, bows, cotton balls, pinecones, clothespins, jars and plastic containers. Encourage kids to scoop, mix, feel, pinch and measure away.

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