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Spring Activities for Toddlers

Life doesn’t get much better than in these first days of spring (especially if you have energetic toddlers who have been cooped up for too many winter days!). Take advantage of sunny skies and try out some of these fun spring activities for toddlers.

Egg Carton Garden

Little kids love to get their hands dirty, and they’re fascinated by how things grow. Channel these interests into an early love of gardening. Gather a few materials, and plant a simple egg carton garden on your windowsill. Cut the carton in half along the hinge, and pack planting soil gently into each of the compartments. Have your kids help pick out what veggies or herbs they want to grow, and plant the seeds (about 3 to 5 per compartment) in the container. Write the name of each plant on a popsicle stick to add to the planter.

Water your garden daily, and keep an eye out for tiny sprouts pushing through the surface. Once you have seedlings that are a few inches tall, transfer them to a larger container or a backyard garden.

Sidewalk Chalk Storytelling

Who says coloring has to be an indoor activity? Head outside on a clear day with a big bucket of multicolored chalk. Make up stories (or tell favorite fairy tales), and illustrate them on the sidewalk with the chalk. Each square can be a different scene or chapter, and your little ones can let their imaginations run wild.

Popsicle Stick Birdfeeder

Help your little animal lovers make a present for their feathered friends. Make a simple birdfeeder out of popsicle sticks and glue. Line up a row of 12 popsicle sticks, then glue 2 more sticks across them with a hot glue gun. Turn it over, and do a second row of sticks facing the opposite direction. Add a large tongue depresser to one side, and build a frame for the birdfeeder by alternating popsicle sticks around the edge of the base. Let it dry, then add thick twine to hang it from a tree. Add birdseed, and watch for the feeder’s first diners.

Pack a Picnic

Whether you head to the park or just to the backyard, a picnic is always a good idea. Spread out a blanket, and enjoy some of your favorite finger foods. Bring a kite to fly or a Frisbee to toss. Or simply lie back and describe the shapes, creatures and fantastic objects you see in the clouds above.

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