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It’s Stormi in North Chicago with a chance of Reign

Whether following tradition or coming up with something totally original, naming a baby can be tricky. There are always lots of opinions from family and friends, along with associations that are naturally made. This can result in a lot of pressure to choose something perfect. However, while pressure is high, it shouldn’t be stressful, so here are a few things you can keep in mind when choosing a name.


What will the name be naturally shortened to? Jennifer will become Jen or Jenny and Robert will likely become Rob or Bob. If having a nickname for your child is important to you, then consider what you would like to call them and choose a name from there.

Family Names

Continuing family traditions is a common way to name a baby. Take the Royal family – George, William, Elizabeth and Katherine are extremely popular names and will likely continue to be used down the line with future generations. Also, paying tribute to family members who have passed is a beautiful way to carry forward their memory.


Everything has a meaning whether intentional or not, so choosing a name based on the meaning can make it more personal. If you love stars, consider researching a few names that hold the meaning, like Stella or Astra. Choosing a name based on what its root meaning is can open many doors, and you could find something you hadn’t considered!


Picking a name based on what is currently trending can be tough. While popular names are so because many people use them, consider what the first day of school might look like for Emma, Liam, Olivia, and Noah in four or five years (three of the top names for babies in 2018 so far according to Baby Center). You also might not want to go too far in the opposite direction and choose something on the odd side of trendy (I’m looking at you, Kardashians).

These are only a few things to inspire you while choosing a name for your baby. But, the most important thing to remember is to not over-think it and trust your gut. Sometimes, you just have to wait and see your baby and let them take it from there.

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