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Top 10 Reasons You Need a Levana Baby Monitor

It’s eerily quiet.  After running around in circles for a long time in his fireman costume with his plastic golf club to put out imaginary fires while belting out “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” this quiet resonates as dangerous.   After calling out his name with no answer, my heart pounding as I run around looking for him,  I finally see him.  Standing in the mudroom holding my 24-hour lipstain, looking at me with that look that said “I know what I’m doing is wrong, but can’t you see how cute I still am in this mess?”  You know the look.  My white walls, my floor, his arms, legs, ears, face, neck, and scalp were now a dark, frosted mocha.  It took me days of scrubbing olive oil into his hair, a repaint of our walls, and some long yogic breaths to restore my son and our mudroom to its normal looking state.  Although now I have all of my make-up stored in a baby-proof drawer (which he recently figured out how to break into, sigh), more importantly, I have video monitors throughout our home to monitor our curious son.  Don’t believe in the need to vigilantly monitor your kids?

Here are my top 10 reasons to purchase a Levana baby monitor:

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