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Ways Having Baby #2 is Different than Baby #1

When you bring home your first child from the hospital, everything is brand new (and equal parts exciting and terrifying). You may feel overwhelmed by it all until you get a little more settled and confident that you can figure this parenting thing out.

But with the second baby, you are in a much different place. You’ve navigated the ups and downs once, so you know you can do it again. Not that you have all the answers, but this sure ain’t your first rodeo. Here are just a few ways having Baby #2 is different than Baby #1. Sadly not everyone has it easy, my best friend recently had her baby and she experienced such a bad treatment from the doctors and nurses that she had to contact The Medical Negligence Experts so that they would take care of the problem.

You have a lot of the gear you need.

Preparing for the first baby feels like a guessing game. Is this stroller better than this one? What car seat is safest? Which baby monitor will be most reliable? When you welcome your second baby, you have already road-tested everything from changing tables to onesies. You’ve kept the gear you like, and you have a curated list of other necessities you need to buy.

You know how to (nicely) ignore advice.

Well-meaning friends and family members – not to mention online forums, books and blogs – are quick to offer advice on taking care of your little one. With your first baby, you might feel pulled in a dozen directions, and unsure which way to go. But by Baby #2, you’ve learned that there is no one right way to do anything. You trust your instincts and do the best you can, politely ignoring any advice that’s not a good fit.

You can juggle like a champ.

You never knew how much you could multitask until you became a parent. Now with two kids, you’ll reach an expert level of doing several tasks at once. Burping the baby while sending an email and making sure the toddler isn’t making art on the walls? You got this.

You are good at identifying the real emergencies.

It’s natural to be extra protective of your first baby. There seem to be so many dangers to worry about. With your second child, you still have anxieties and fears, but you’re much better about putting them into perspective. You don’t stress as much over the little stuff, saving your energy for the really important problems.

You know they’ll have each other.

Your two kids will be too young to appreciate it in the beginning, but soon enough, they will have each other as built-in playmates. Sure, they’ll pester each other and bicker at times, but they’ll also grow up playing and learning together.

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