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What is a Movement Monitor?

When your new baby finally drifts off into dreamland, it should be a small victory. Your infant gets the rest she needs, and you get a few quiet moments to yourself – and maybe even catch a few Z’s as well. But we’ve all been guilty of hovering over a sleeping baby, worrying and checking in too often to make sure everything’s all right.

A baby movement monitor is designed to calm these worries, helping you and your baby rest easier. It carefully tracks your baby’s motions; if after a certain period of time, no movement is detected, an alarm sounds to alert you.

Types of Movement Monitors

In recent years, many different types of movement monitors have become available. There is a sensor pad that you place under the baby’s mattress, or a rubber sensor that clips directly onto the baby’s diaper. There are also wearable devices with embedded sensors that attach to a baby’s clothing, such as onesies or socks. Some monitors are simple and just give off a loud alarm when the baby is still for too long. Others send detailed updates on movement, breathing patterns, sleep activity and body position to your smartphone or tablet.

It’s up to you whether you want a streamlined or detailed device, but it’s important to note that wearable monitors tend to be more reliable. A device that is in constant contact with your baby’s skin or clothing has more accurate information and is less likely to give a false alarm. The primary drawback of the under-the-mattress sensor is that it can sometimes sound false alarms. If the baby rolls off the pad or the sensor doesn’t pick up on subtle movement, the alarm can go off, causing unnecessary distress to you and your baby.

How a Clip-On Movement Monitor Works

The cordless, battery-powered device attaches snugly to your baby’s diaper, with the soft rubber sensor on the belly button area. The sensor monitors even the smallest movements, and it alerts you only if the baby hasn’t moved for a set period of time.

Levana’s Oma movement monitor beeps loudly if it detects more than 15 seconds of complete stillness. It also has an optional setting to detect weak and irregular movements – displaying an orange flashing light and a different warning tone if abdominal movement is occurring less than 8 times per minute.

With a movement monitor, you can relax and enjoy the downtime while your little one is sleeping soundly.

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